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Here’s an Apple-friendly, browser based automatic article writing software for Mac solution that also publishes directly to WordPress blogs. Article Forge is an automated content writer and WP link building tool that can help your web marketing efforts with both rapid SEO content generation and easy to implement tiered backlink building tasks.


Media Rich Content Generation In Minutes

Article Forge’s online article generator can create topical, computer generated SEO content up to 750 words with section headings, embedded video, image and anchored links in just minutes. You simply provide a primary keyword phrase (and optional secondary ones) to rapidly generate an article. The additional keywords can help it generate better thematic content automatically.

Some of the settings of Article Forge allow setting document quality and an option to create spun Title, Section Heading, and Paragraph variations. To provide spintax down to the word level, you can optionally link to a paid WordAI Article Spinner account. There’s a probability slider to set the likelihood of it including a related YouTube video and/or Imgur image based on your primary keyword choice. You can also optionally link to a paid CopyScape account for guaranteed 100% uniqueness.


Easy, Automated WordPress Posting Too

Article Forge is able to automatically generate the content and publish to one or more free or self-hosted WordPress blogs using XMLRPC calls. You can generate and post articles manually, or set-up a WP posting schedule to manage your autoblog postings hands-free once fully configured. 

Publishing settings for automated WordPress link building include the ability to provide a list of anchor text keywords. You then provide another list of site URL’s you want to randomly attach as the document is generated, then published. Not only is the Article Forge WordPress backlink building tool great for diversification of anchor texts, but also inner page deep-linking across multiple PBN’s or niche websites. With well thought-out choices of target URL’s, you can build a classic Link-Wheel to other properties in the tier, create a more hierarchical Link Pyramid, or a mix of the two to infuse your tiered properties with SEO link juice.


Article Forge Document Quality

Candidly, Article Forge’s AGC – Automatically Generated Content is best-suited for Tiered WP link-building. It’s WordPress auto-posting features makes that easy. However, it’s content – while generating completely readable sentences – does not organize them logically into proper paragraphs. In English 101, we should have learned that a paragraph always begins with an opening Topic Sentence. It’s then followed by supporting sentences that reinforce the Topic Sentence. Article Forge isn’t smart enough to organize paragraphs like that – yet.

For quickly generating higher-quality content for your Money Sites or for some of your 1st Tier articles, I recommend Articoolo’s rapid article builder who’s paragraphs are far more cohesive. That’s because Articoolo scrapes a single document and rewrites it to 100% uniqueness. In doing so, it preserves the original structure and ‘flow’ of the source article for a better read from the opening paragraph to the final one.

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