10 SEO Tactics For Articoolo’s Automatic Article Writing App

Here are 10 ways to use Articoolo’s SEO article writer software to your advantage. It’s rapid content generating abilities can free up more of your time for other tactics in your SEO strategy. It’s rapid content generation tool turns what used to be hours of writing into a few minutes of editing before you’re ready to publish online.

Faster Affiliate Earnings

1. Launch a money-making affiliate product review website faster using Articoolo’s rapid online content generation abilities. When generating articles, start with Brand and Model-Name key terms in the input box to get Articoolo to try to find product-specific targeted content: (i.e. ‘Logitech C920′‘.) Suggestions shown in the ‘Optional Topics’ box might present viable alternatives. If specific model names don’t turn up, try the Brand and the general product category (i.e. ‘Logitech webcams‘) to find some kind of related content. 

Tiered Link Building

2. Articoolo auto generated content is great for populating free Web 2.0 blogs and PBN’s. Usually only minor edits during a quick proofread are needed.

Guest Post Content

3. Use Articoolo’s article builder to kickstart a guest post and provide a draft on the subject of your intent. Then add your own additions and insights. Let Articoolo’s writing tool provide you with the core concepts, then expound on them in your own style.

Readily Spinnable Content

4. Generate unique variations of articles that the automatic article generator Articoolo created by using their online rewriter tool. You can also use a high-quality article spinner and spintax generator like Spin Rewriter to produce hundreds of unique versions

Thin Content Fix

5. Beef-up ‘Thin Content’ pages with articles generated by Articoolo’s instant article writing tool. For example, many shopping sites often have pages with a gallery of products featured as images and with ‘buy’ buttons, but little on-page text. With a few hundred words of themed text content added, those types of pages can rank much better.

Stale Content Cure

6. Freshen-up your old, stale sites by appending a relevant Articoolo article into the body of existing page content, or as a new post on a long-neglected blog.

Longform Made Easy

7. Search engines love long-form content. Longer articles (especially over 1000 words) statistically rank better. Combine and organize multiple Articoolo articles on a related theme into a single epic, skyscraper, long-form blog post. Add images and videos to keep readers engaged throughout.

Quick Site Launch Content

8. Prep a new website launch with a half-dozen blog posts quickly generated by Articoolo’s online content writing robot. That will give the search engines plenty of thematically relevant, unique content to crawl and index the first time they encounter your site.

Article Marketing Fodder

9. Try article marketing to reach new prospects. Many article syndication sites require at least five to six hundred word minimums, so merge two pieces of Articoolo content on the same general subject into a more comprehensive, in-depth article.

eBook Publishing Shortcut

10. Create a digital eBook combining multiple articles to quickly add substance and volume. Articoolo is good at generating general topic introductions like ‘What is…’, ‘The basics of…’, ‘Getting started with…’content that can be useful for opening chapters or sections of an eBook. Let them provide the overview, you write the specifics.  

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