5 KILLER Twitter Growth Hacking Tools : Tips : Hacks : Tricks

Here’s 5 things you can do in mere minutes to instantly growth hack your Twitter account with highly targeted followers and get IMMEDIATE benefits. You can do all of these Twitter tips within a half hour and see rapid results. In fact, go to Twitter now and note your current follower count – ‘cuz when we’re through it’s going to have increased measurably. I’ll explain, you execute, okay? 

1. Hi-Affinity Twitter Follower Hashtag Growth Hack

Compose a sequence of 3 hashtag filled tweets and send them out in rapid-fire sequence. Tip: http://hashtagify.me to find optimal tags explicitly related to your niche. 

As an example: I’ve recently been promoting Articoolo’s Automatic Article Writing Robot. So I used hashtagify to CRAFT these tweets: 

Articoolo is an #AI #robotic #NaturalLanguage #NLP #online #sem #seo #web #article #writing #automation #author with #WP #wordpress #plugin 

Articoolo #robot #AI #NLP #article #content #writer for #online #blog #contentcreation #web #publishing #automation for #seo & #smm 

Articoolo #AI #article #writer #content #VA for #web, #blogging #seo #sem. Ideal for #wordpress #website #publishing & #digitalmarketing 

No matter what your niche – there’s easily 2 dozen terms & tags unique to it. 

I guarantee you will get Likes, new Followers, Retweets – and added to Lists literally within minutes! Watch your Twitter Notifications light up! And, they’ll keep coming in as Twitter automation bots and users searching on Twitter encounter your niche’s hashtags. 

2. Growth Hack Followers By Interest & Country

Set up an account at http://twiends.com – It will grow a REAL and ACTIVE Twitter following with a high degree of affinity. Unlike low-ball click-farms using empty, zombie, spam accounts, at Twiends you can specify target countries and your key interests for a MUCH better caliber of free followers. 

Respond to confirmation email and then FULLY fill out your Account Settings. Choose your topics carefully. You can geographically target too. Return to the main page: Click ‘My Interests’ in the top menu first and follow a dozen people. Then switch to ‘My Country’ ‘ to follow and get others following you immediately. 

If you have a budget: Get FEATURED (for $10 a week or less). Otherwise, log-in once a day and follow a dozen tweeps to keep the flow going. Twiends is the single best Twitter growth trick I’ve used to steadily growthhack my Twitter following from 400 to 4000+. 

3. RSS Feed Twitter Growth Hack

Leverage RSS: Use http://twitterfeed.com – Setting up TwitterFeed to Tweet fresh, niche-relevant content is smart. A bit geeky to initially setup the RSS – but do it once, it works forever. Set up your own blog feed(s) first, then add a few feeds from the most popular web sites/journals in your niche. Don’t just toot your own horn – share content from the most popular sites in your niche too! Their new posts will appear in your Twitter timeline and keep your account active, interesting, and getting occasional Likes and Retweets. In fact, my own account didn’t really ‘take-off’ until I starting sharing other publisher’s stuff regularly. TwitterFeed made it set-it, forget-it easy. 

4. Twitter Automation Growth Hack

Automate Tweets In Perpetuity: http://socialjukebox.com – Even a free, limited account tweeting only once or thrice a day can keep your Twitter account active. Build a list of prepared Tweets WITH IMAGES and 2-3 optimal hashtags to gain the most traction: The jukebox will cycle through the schedule unattended FOREVER. Social Jukebox’s automation was the turning point for my success on Twitter. Once you start tweeting regularly, you’ll start to get real traction. 

5. Curation Site Twitter Growth Hack

Get broad visibility and crowdsourced social shares from Content Curation and Cross-Promotion sites like CoPromote, Cuilr and Babbly. Try boosting a well-monetized Tweet or Blog Post and watch the power of growth hacking via re-shares. Very worthwhile to set up an account at each of the above. 

There’s only so much you can do INSIDE of Twitter for account growth. Look for other platforms that have strong hooks in. Crowdsourcing like this does wonders for your visibility, brand and account growth OUTSIDE of Twitter.

Articoolo WordPress Plugin : Get Instant Articles Inside WP

08 16 11:04 Filed in: Content Creation   Articoolo is a WordPress friendly automatic NLP – Natural Language Generator application which can rapidly build draft articles for your online or print publishing needs. As an online cloud-based SaaS web app, it’s rapid article generation tool and algorithms can quickly create 100% unique content for you, saving you effort, time and money. With the Articoolo WP plug-in, you can do it easily when working on your website. WordPress integration works largely the same as it does when you access Articoolo’s site through a web browser.

How To Install & Use The Articoolo Plug-In:

• Install and activate the Articoolo WP plugin from your WordPress dashboard.
• The plug-in is available by searching WordPress’s online plug-in repository.
• Click the Articoolo gear icon now visible in your WordPress sidebar.
• You’ll see 3 free article credits, just for installing the plugin. 
• Type in your topic’s keyword phrase. A minimum of 2 but up to 5 words is ideal.
• Choose the word count desired in the article you’re generating and let Articoolo get to work.
• Articoolo will create and present a high-quality proofread article for you that’s 100% unique.
• Copy the content from Articoolo’s preview window, then paste into your post or page.
• Review, edit and tweak the content. Add images, links, etc. Hit ‘Publish.’

Note: The Articoolo plug-in also allows you to use their REWRITE feature for an existing article you may have. Within a minute or three, it’s rewritten, human readable and 100% unique. With a quick proofread and any needed minor edits, a rewritten article can ready for new ventures.

Differences Between Web And Articoolo Plugin

There are some minor differences between using Articoolo in your PC or Mac’s web browser and the Articoolo WordPress plug-in that should be noted.

When accessing Articoolo over the web, you’ll have a top navigation menu to visit and explore the entire site. On the web, you can generate articles as you wish, but are only shown a blurred preview of the document with several random sentences revealed clearly. Based on evaluating the sentences that it does reveal, you then decide to buy it, or not, and try generating a different article.

The Articoolo WP plugin operates slightly differently. It doesn’t incorporate the entire site or menu navigation or use the blurred preview. It’s focused simply on rapid article generation (or rewriting) options and showing a list of your purchased, generated articles. Articles generated inside the plug-in are not presented in a restricted, partially blurred preview mode. There is no option to buy, the articles areimplicitly purchased by requesting it to generate an article. When complete, you’re shown the full article in the clear, ready to paste into your WP post.

As such, it’s more frugal to use Articoolo’s website for generating articles, optionally buying articles with your credits after evaluation. With the plug-in, it’s more ‘You Try It, You Buy It’ mode. For some, that may be trivial as bulk credit purchases or monthly subscriptions can reduce the cost of articles down from $1 or $2 down to as little as 50 cents. As mentioned above, just installing the Articoolo plug-in gets you 3 free credits, so it costs nothing to explore its modus operandi.

That said, the Articoolo WordPress plugin is still at version 1.0. Perhaps future updates will address some of the differences between generating articles within WP, and how it behaves logged in via your web browser.

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