Articoolo Tips : How-To Use The Instant Article Builder Effectively

  Articoolo’s ability to automatically generate high-quality, near instant articles in minutes is amazing. Here’s some How-To tips and strategies to get the best results from using Articoolo article builder, then tweaking it for your content marketing, blog posts and article distribution needs.

Using AI artificial intelligence and NLG natural language generation, Articoolo is on the cutting edge of CGC computer generated content. As an automated article builder, it isn’t perfect. But it can generate very well-written drafts you can quickly modify to meet your content marketing needs.

Choose Your Targeted Content Keyphrase

Using their article builder effectively starts with experimentation and carefully choosing your core topic. Do some keyword research first. A good keyword tool like Mac Market Samurai will help identify high-interest but low-competition terms that can rank well in the search engines. Address underserved interests of your readership in your article’s subject. 

Start by entering your main, topical term into Articoolo’s key phrase box: 2 word minimum, 5 words max. A spinning progress item will appear while it does a quick evaluation of the topic.

Articoolo will scan the term and usually present 2 to 4 alternate terms it might think are appropriate. If it doesn’t return any suggestions, your topic might be too obscure to write an article on – let alone present any alternates. Click on one of the suggestion to choose it instead of what you typed. Or just try searching a different variation. 

Use supplemental modifier terms like: “Tips”, “How To”, “What is”, “Shopping for”, “Introduction to”, “Best”, “Strategies”, “Secrets”, etc. This is critical to setting the theme / tone / aboutness and the overall STYLE of instant article it will build.

I can’t emphasize that enough: The adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and modifiers you use can send important clues to Articoolo’s content database extraction algorithms. They help it deliver an article that’s already written from the right approach and angle to the topic you’re after.

Optimal Settings For The Instant Article Builder

Before you click the “Generate” button – Adjust the Maximum Word Count Slider if desired. I just always change it from the default 450 to 500 to try to get the most content possible. However, it’s normal for Articoolo to almost always deliver less than you ask for in the final article: Significantly less if it’s struggling to find appropriate content.

There’s a selector to choose ‘Better Readability’ (Default) or ‘Enhanced Uniqueness.’ Then just click the Pencil icon. Wait.

Generally Articoolo will show a progress screen while it computer generates some sort of article. But sometimes it struggles with obscure topics. If so it will tell you it’s failed – and to try it again.

When finished, you’ll see a partially (mostly) blurred preview of the final article. Most articles will report 100% unique by their CopyScape check. But Articoolo may report less.

Trust The Document Preview Mode

Articoolo blurs-out and only reveals a few sentences, generally one in each paragraph. In the generated article preview, study the sentences carefully. Evaluate if they seem like quality sentences you’d write – or if they seem convoluted, unrelated or just wrong for your article. Remember it costs nothing to generate a different one. You only pay to reveal the full, final article. Tip: Save 10% on article costs by using this link on Articoolo monthly subscription plans.

In the Preview mode, if the revealed sentences just don’t resonate or read awkwardly, it’s a good indicator that the final article isn’t likely to be optimal either. When the 3 or 4 sentences they do reveal are clear and logical, the full article you buy will tend to be good. 

Rearrange Article Content For Better Logical Flow

If Articoolo – or any other automated article writer – has a weakness, it’s often in sequentially arranging paragraphs or sentences in optimal, logical order. Be prepared to Copy, Cut and Paste sections of content to organize your article into a better progressive approach to the topic if needed.

In English 101, you should have learned that every paragraph STARTS with a Topic Sentence. The sentences that follow support that concept. Computer generated articles don’t always follow that basic rule of writing. Typically articles should be structured in a specific way: An Introduction/Overview, subsections of Main Content, and then a Summary, Conclusion or Call-To-Action at the end. Because Articoolo scrapes a single article for content, if the original was well-written, the resulting generated article will follow suit.

The best AI and NLG Natural Language Generation algos still face a huge struggle with organizing sentences and content properly within the above mentioned conventions. A competing product, Article Forge mashes together absolutely readable, unique sentences – but struggles with delivering a cohesive paragraphs and a logical overall document structure.

Computer Generate Long-Form, Epic, Skyscraper Content

You can always combine multiple Articoolo articles on a given topic to generate 600, 800, 1200+ word-count content that statistically has been proven to rank better in Google. That’s largely thanks to longer on-page dwell time and reduced bounce rates if the reader stays engaged. Longer articles also simply include more LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing terms and variations that search engines love. Verboseness helps to confirm the ‘aboutness’, depth and topicality of the content.

Beef-Up Thin Content Pages

Last Tip: Have ‘Thin Content’ pages? Articoolo is great for beefing-up otherwise well-monetized pages that are lacking in content. Typically you’ll be well monetized above-the-fold. So try generating a relevant Articoolo article and append the content further down the page.

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