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A lot of Mac friendly SEO tools and link building solutions have come and gone over the years, but SocialAdr’s crowd-sourced bookmarking tool has stood the test of time. It remains an excellent tool for Apple website owners to promote their pages and content with.

High Domain Authority Sites

If you review SocialAdr’s list of current posting sites in 2016, you’ll see top-tier Web 2.0 properties like Pocket, Flipboard, APSense, Instapaper, Bitly, SiteJot, Plurk, TheTopLink, StumbleUpon, Diigo, Delicious, and a few more. The list is well-maintained. New Web 2.0 properties appear, some close down, other’s have been around for years. SocialAdr stays on-top of things with a select list of actively managed sites.

Hands-Off Crowdsourced Social Shares

It’s important to note: A SocialAdr ‘Lazy’ subscription leverages OTHER PEOPLE’S social accounts doing the sharing for you to create a much more natural and random backlink profile. And it does it without you having to configure or manage any of them. Most other social sharing tools are far more complex to use and manage. Whether it’s Syndwire, OnlyWire (which I really like) and especially FCS Networker — You have to own or create dozens of Social and Web 2.0 accounts, configure and link them all up. And when you do, you’re still always sharing stuff on your own accounts. Not so with SocialAdr: You just enter your posts and the service’s free users do the sharing for you to earn credits for their own shares. They work hard, so you don’t have to.

SocialAdr’s Spintax Diversification

SocialAdr allows – and recommends – using spintax to enter spun Titles and Descriptions to diversify each submission as it’s posted. This prevents anchor text over-optimization and helps with long-tail keyword targeting and rankings automatically. SocialAdr partnered with SmileyTech, the makers of the best article spinner for Mac – Spin Rewriter – to integrate automatic spinning of your Description content if you prefer not to enter bracketed spintax manually.

SEO Value And Direct Traffic Potential

As you’ve probably seen with your own promotional posts to FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others – most people who see them don’t click or care. But you’ve got to try! Lately, SocialAdr’s FlipBoard, Pocket and StumbleUpon posts have showed-up delivering eyeballs in my website stats, so traceable direct traffic does happen occasionally. (Note: Nowadays, https secure connections prevent many sites from showing up as an identifiable referrer in your analytics.) It also excels as an SEO link indexing and boosting tool to get your content quickly crawled and ranking.

Safe, Drip-Fed Social Links

Because of the very popular and high Domain Authority sites SocialAdr uses, the ‘risks’ of social shares are non-existent to minimal. That said, I recommend SocialAdr users set the default speed of promotion to SLOW drip-feed mode and limit the # of submissions per batch in most instances. You can always opt to get more shares faster with a quick settings change.

Drawbacks And Bookmarking Costs

In this review of SocialAdr, costs need to be mentioned. I think it’s the perfect solution for Apple webmasters who own a handful or two websites that need a supportive promotional and link building tool. A Basic level account with 400 monthly credits is enough to promote dozens and dozens of URL’s. Hardcore grey and black hat SEO types who heavily spam and blast the internet might find the credits are too pricey for really high-volume link promotion. You can buy additional credits if you need them in a pinch, but at 3 to 7 cents a credit, they’re rather pricey.

SocialAdr Review Conclusion

The fact that I’ve personally kept an active, Basic SocialAdr account subscription for 5+ years speaks volumes. It’s an ESSENTIAL tool for getting your content crawled, indexed and ranking. You can try it out for free and earn credits by linking-up some of your existing social accounts, but for $19 or less, the hands-off Basic entry-level plan is all most will need.

Author: Karan76

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